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Having a Capsule Wardrobe is a great way of arranging your Clothes in a Simple, fashionable, and time efficient way. You will always look as though you’ve spent hours getting your Outfit prepared, when in reality it was One Smart Day! Even better when you’re travelling…
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We all love wearing Big, or Long Earrings, as we all know it only looks good if the Style is Right. Make a Statement, with Stunning Pieces. Start with your Earrings, and matching pieces can be found for Rings, Necklace, and Bracelets to complete the “WoW” Factor!
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Headwear is great in the Summer, when it can shield you from the blazing sun, and also great to keep you warm during the colder seasons. Hats are so versatile, and you can have different ones for all your different moods, and occasions. A simple baseball cap for lounging around, to a super fancy option if you’re going to the Races, or to Wimbledon.
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Classy Dresses with matching hats, is the easiest way to give your overall look an edginess to it, or add an air of mystery
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Many of us have changed our Shopping Habits during this unusual time, and are purchasing much more Online! A great deal of Christmas Shopping is projected to also be done Online, and starting as early as August/September, to avoid delays due to the potential increase in demand. We are offering Early Bird 10% Discounts on our Christmas range.